About Us

Hi! We’re Claire and Brianna, The Kruzzy Kollective Team, we’re so happy you found us.

 From a conversation to reality…

Everything started when Claire began sharing the antics of her staffy, Kruz on social media. He had already stolen our hearts and quickly began stealing the hearts of others.

 He became known for his Fancy Dress Friday posts, where he would dress up in all kinds of costumes.

 He built a strong fanbase and soon they began asking Claire if she was ever going to create merchandise around him.

 She asked them what they wanted to see and that’s when Claire and her Best Friend Brianna put their heads together and designed their first line of products and The Kruzzy Kollective was officially born.



Made with Love, to Give Love

From day one we have always said that no matter what we will always give back to the animal community that we have been a part of and love, so donating a % of our profits to animal organisations in need has always been one of our biggest priorities.

So far we have donated to the following charities 


The Kruzzy Kollective Future

Our vision is to create street wear and on trend homewares and apparel that celebrates your love for your pet.

 And we hope that when someone lights one of our candles, wears one of our hoodies or carries a tote, that it is a product they wear with pride, knowing that they have helped animals in need as well as showing off their love for their own.

 The Kruzzy Kollective is constantly growing and developing, and we are excited for what the future holds for us. We will continue to create more and give more to our customers, their pets and animals in need.